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Dean Brittingham I was 4 1/2 years old, and my mother let me sit on the couch while my 6 month old brother was being photographed by our neighbor. I loved the equipment he brought in, the smell of the film, the sounds of the bulbs popping. He got my brother to laugh, presented us with beautiful black and white photos of an adorable, smiling baby and I was absolutely sure I wanted to be part of that magic.

I took over my parents' Brownie, later won my own Polaroid Land Camera in a fire department raffle, and as an adult moved into 35mm and medium format cameras. I've always loved the worlds available to me when I stop and look. I may experience dizziness on a mountain top, but when I hold the camera to my eye, I feel calm and brave and can see so much.

I am in awe of the feel and look of natural light. It is a source of inspiration to me. With it I attempt to convey texture, clarity, color, humor and beauty. I am enamored of life's details and the worlds which exist within and around us. It is my goal to convey this passion in my photography.

Another passion is black and white infrared photography. This is a film which allows me the opportunity to expand and alter my views and perceptions, and it represents for me a more ethereal and delicate view of life.

And finally, after swearing I would never go digital, I have. I love that I can conceptualize something and reproduce it in altered forms, all of which I have created and designed. It allows me to be so much more a part of my final images.

As an award winning photographer and cartoonist, exhibited and published nationally and internationally, I present a body of work which includes fine art, environmental and studio portraiture, and a self published greeting card line. My published work includes book covers, CD covers, and ad campaigns.

I am grateful to be able to convey my art and point of view through the medium of photography. I seek to show in my images a unique vision and presentation of the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.